Tracking & Measurement

Continuous optimisation based on the data

We are total data geeks. We love collecting data, providing data visualisation to guide our activity, or working out which areas need attention.

Find out the real story behind your website or application

Let’s say you invest lots of money in our excellent services. How do you know you’re getting a positive ROI? What does success look like? Tracking and reporting form an essential part of our offering – this is how we prove to you that we’re doing a good job! It’s about much more than that though. It’s also a great way to delve into things that don’t work so we can improve them, and it’s a great way to keep tabs on how competitors are doing. We’ve got lots of examples of the kind of reports we do for our clients, but it really depends on the services we’re providing for them. Our reporting, like our service, is completely bespoke and tailored to your needs and objectives.

Mobile Marketing

We are experts at setting up, configuring, and analysing data with Google Analytics.

We can advise on tracking errors: zero bounce rate, self-referral issues and double-counted page views are all surprisingly common.Once everything is set up properly, we use data to make decisions on how a website can be optimised for user experience, search engines, and for your conversion process.We analyse basic usage stats along with other reporting features like events, custom reports and conversion funnels, to bring to light what is working well and what could be improved.

Google Tag Manager is an extremely powerful tool for allowing you to track and measure all aspects of your website’s performance.

It allows you to track any type of interaction on your website, without requiring costly work from a web developer to make changes to a site’s code.We have worked with version 1 and now version 2 of Google Tag Manager to achieve complex eCommerce integrations and highly customised user behaviour tracking.

We know that clicks to your website are only part of the story.

We use phone call tracking software that can inform you which marketing sources are generating the most phone calls for your business. We have even implemented sale value data based on the outcome of individual phone calls. This way, you are able to see the precise ROI on customers who call your business from different marketing sources.We even help our clients go a step further in identifying ways to improve sales conversions on calls by listening to recordings of phone calls made to the business. Our software can automatically record these calls, and it requires no change to software at your business.

Keeping a view across competitors is essential if you want to stand out online

For our clients, we track several aspects of how their competitors are performing.We automatically track our clients’ competitor websites to see which new pages have been added over time, along with looking at which kinds of PPC ads they are running to ensure the copy for our clients is fresh. We also look at their websites’ performance in terms of traffic estimates and web rankings to identify new keyword areas that are not already being tapped. This provides the perfect data to feed your marketing strategy and develop new, unexplored ways of increasing your revenue.

We use several pieces of software to track our clients’ website performance over time.

Site explorer tools are invaluable for highlighting areas of opportunity for new links, as well as reporting on links that are potentially indicators of spam.Visibility, traffic and rankings are tracked with Google Analytics along with a slew of other tools that enable us to tell you frequently, accurately and comprehensively how your site is performing in organic search results.


Get your tracking right so you can track performance against your KPIs


Data Studio

We utilise GDS to combine media stats, GA data and your internal data to create a full 360 view report which can be viewed at any time.


Tag Management

Our teams understand how tagging works, and can implement and troubleshoot tags using Google Tag Manager



We have access to a full suite of tracking and reporting tools, from GA, Adobe and more.

Testimonials from our clients

The wonderful words from our clients that make us highly rated on Google.

Bradley at Wyzard has truly gone above and beyond in terms of customer service and delivery of the service. His enthusiasm for business growth and understanding of the paradigm of a successful business is remarkable. Bradley has taken great time to understand our business and our market. We’re very happy with the service and would highly recommended Bradley and Wyzard.

Christopher Kerry
Managing Director, SourceSome
5.0 from 5.0

I have known Brad for the last 6 months, and within this time I have found Brad to be knowledgeable, hard working and passionate about the services he provides for his clients. Brad is a young entrepreneur who demonstrates a willingness to learn and improve on a daily basis. He has great values and his commitment to anyone who wants to work with him is first class in every sense.

Ryan Crawford
Managing Director, Insight2Grow
5.0 from 5.0

The team at Wyzard Growth have been great at helping our company launch our website. Jack and Brad have taken us through the process at a pace that suited our company, capturing our initial thoughts and helping to shape these into a smart, professional, effective plan...We are now live with a website that we love and the feedback has all been positive - Thank you

Rhys Mitchell
Managing Director, Altha-Revive
5.0 from 5.0

As an SME with limited experience or time to dedicate to our website / online growth strategy, both Jack and Brad at Wyzard have been fantastic in offering us advice and guidance. We haven't been in a position to invest huge sums in their services yet but the work they have completed for us and the development plan they've put together has been fantastic and yielded exactly the results we set out to achieve. We will be continuing to work with Wyzard as we grow. Thanks to the team for their time and energy in coaching us through what will work for us as a business.

Samuel Fitz-Hugh
UK Director, Settio
5.0 from 5.0

We contacted Wyzard to assist with rebranding our higher education institution. Initially, all we wanted from them was a new name and logo, but we were so impressed with the service they provided that we chose to continue further, retaining them to develop our website and produce in-house documents for the college.

Hirpo Kumbi
Founder, Xpertis College
5.0 from 5.0

WYZARD GROWTH IS AMAZING !! They have developed an interactive, trendy, good quality website for myself and my business partner. It has been a pleasure working with these guys. They are very professional and really go above and beyond to make your vision become reality. We absolutely love our website thanks to these guys and very excited to continue working with Wyzard Growth and developing our website. Altha-Revive

Jasmine Paris
Marketing Director, Altha-Revive
5.0 from 5.0

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