Social Media Marketing

social campaigns that grow profits

Utilising social platforms properly will help both existing and potential customers find you, and then keep them coming back to you.

Reach your target audience with the right message at the right time

As you’ll know, social media is a vitally important tool for building your following and staying connected to your customers. Whether it’s a matter of customer service, launching new products, or inspiring passionate brand advocates, a strong social media presence is vital to your marketing strategy.

Here at Wyzard Growthwe’re keen to become an extension of your business, and that can include managing your social media presence. While we’re happy working on organic social activity, our teams also have plenty of experience running paid social campaigns. We understand how these can drive you customers cost-effectively by targeting only the specific demographics that your messages will resonate with the most. Want to just show your ads to mums over 40, living in London, who like baking? We can do that for you.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is a major element of any digital campaign.

Whether it’s about gaining entries to a competition through targeted Facebook posts, or sharing a campaign hashtag with the right people on Twitter, we’re pros at creating social media campaigns that get people excited about you.

Imagery can be a matter of life or death for many campaigns, which is why we make use of our in-house design team to create engaging content from logos and images through to infographics that’ll create a social buzz.

We also know how to target the precise audiences who will be ready and willing to participate in your campaigns – in short, that means minimal wasted spend, maximum ROI and campaigns which reach and engage with the right people for your brand.

staying ahead and responding to current events is a full time job

No platform does this better than social channels.  But sometimes, it’s best to cast your mind ahead of time for events that you know are going to happen – and then create a content calendar.

Creating any content for social takes time, and building a content calendar means you’re off to a flying start when a topic becomes popular and users are searching for that content – ready to post the second it becomes relevant.

And by digging into the data to get a clear picture of the types of content your audience has responded well to in the past, we can create a detailed social calendar for each of your social channels.

we take time getting to know our client’s audiences.

What makes them tick? What kind of formats do they respond to best? We’ve taken the time to get to know them inside and out.Of course, social media can sometimes invite some unpleasantness, such as a complaint if the delivery of your service hasn’t quite gone to plan.

We know that this is best managed through fast and attentive engagement – to stop that resentment brewing and you lose a customer for good. We’ll keep an eye on your feeds, and we’ll be ready when your customers come knocking on your door.We know how to get the best of what we’ve learned works for you specifically, adapting our approach as we go.

one way to target your customers at the right time, with the right message.

We’ll know whether or not customers want to see your stuff first thing in the morning over a bowl of cornflakes, or whether it’s best to push it their way whilst they’re on their lunch break at work.

We’ll lean on the data and what we’ve gotten to know about your customer base to find the best posting frequency, and the time of day or day of week when your content is more likely to pick up those all-important likes and shares.

Case Study

Engagement boost that yeilds profit

Launching their social channel and managing their engaged community of fitness fans


average monthly social reach
Case Study

growth New users engagement

Creating a segmented user journey and compelling ad formats to drive growth in new user engagement.


new users reached in engagement campaign
Case Study

financial advisers taking advantage of social

A segmented campaign, encompassing current events made our creative super relevant and effective.


engagements generated


We can help you select the right platform to reach your audience



Getting you noticed on a busy timeline, and serving eye-catching content to help users learn about you and convert.



Thumb-stopping posts combined with niche targeting to generate engagement and build up a buzz around your brand.



Putting your best foot forward with responsive tweets that get the heart of what your customer needs from you.



Targeting by business, job role or demographic to reach professionals who are most likely to want to know you.



Giving a visual, human touch and an opportunity to appear in front of younger users while they’re in the ‘discovery’ mindset.



A new marketing platform means exciting new opportunities. We have the industry know-how to build effective TikTok campaigns.

Testimonials from our clients

The wonderful words from our clients that make us highly rated on Google.

Bradley at Wyzard has truly gone above and beyond in terms of customer service and delivery of the service. His enthusiasm for business growth and understanding of the paradigm of a successful business is remarkable. Bradley has taken great time to understand our business and our market. We’re very happy with the service and would highly recommended Bradley and Wyzard.

Christopher Kerry
Managing Director
5.0 from 5.0

I have known Brad for the last 6 months, and within this time I have found Brad to be knowledgeable, hard working and passionate about the services he provides for his clients. Brad is a young entrepreneur who demonstrates a willingness to learn and improve on a daily basis. He has great values and his commitment to anyone who wants to work with him is first class in every sense.

Ryan Crawford
Managing Director
5.0 from 5.0

The team at Wyzard Growth have been great at helping our company launch our website. Jack and Brad have taken us through the process at a pace that suited our company, capturing our initial thoughts and helping to shape these into a smart, professional, effective plan...We are now live with a website that we love and the feedback has all been positive - Thank you

Rhys Mitchell
Managing Director
5.0 from 5.0

As an SME with limited experience or time to dedicate to our website / online growth strategy, both Jack and Brad at Wyzard have been fantastic in offering us advice and guidance. We haven't been in a position to invest huge sums in their services yet but the work they have completed for us and the development plan they've put together has been fantastic and yielded exactly the results we set out to achieve. We will be continuing to work with Wyzard as we grow. Thanks to the team for their time and energy in coaching us through what will work for us as a business.

Samuel Fitz-Hugh
UK Director
5.0 from 5.0

We contacted Wyzard to assist with rebranding our higher education institution. Initially, all we wanted from them was a new name and logo, but we were so impressed with the service they provided that we chose to continue further, retaining them to develop our website and produce in-house documents for the college.

Hirpo Kumbi
5.0 from 5.0

WYZARD GROWTH IS AMAZING !! They have developed an interactive, trendy, good quality website for myself and my business partner. It has been a pleasure working with these guys. They are very professional and really go above and beyond to make your vision become reality. We absolutely love our website thanks to these guys and very excited to continue working with Wyzard Growth and developing our website. Altha-Revive

Jasmine Paris
Marketing Director
5.0 from 5.0

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