Our main goals whilst working with the insurance company was to lower the cost per result whilst also increasing engagement on their social accounts.

We identified multiple reasons for the low performance. Firstly there was no Consistency of social media posting, there were no attractive social media posts, no proper sharing of mix content (Motivational, Facts, humour and Business posts), no proper monitoring of Ad campaign and to top it off no A/B testing for Ad campaign.

To increase traffic for clients website we started first by taking over the campaign, creating attractive Ad copies and started doing A/B testing with different Images, Headline and Ad text.

We ran carousel ads which gave a good boost to the Facebook ads. In addition through narrowing the target audience we were able to increase website traffic and decrease the cost per result.

To increase organic engagement and Facebook page likes we started with creating social media content for this business that included 6 Business posts and 9 motivational / facts / humor / video content that is relevant to the business and for these content we created attractive images.

We made sure there was a proper mix of content. For example, on Monday we post #MondayMotivational posts. We also started sharing these posts on relevant groups. remembering also to post at the most optimal Times to Post on Facebook (when the fans are most online.).

Needless to say our clients we very happy with the results we obtained.

Due to the terms of the agreement, we can not disclose the name of this company.

Higher profits for an insurance Company

Sevices Rendered

Manchester based Insurance company


Reduction in cost per conversion


Number of leads in one month


Increase in engagement

Project Overview

Lowering the Cost Per Result for an insurance company.

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