Profitability During The Pandemic


We as a people were probably not expecting this Pandemic to happen, and marketing during the Pandemic was probably not one of our agendas, but now here we are running businesses that have to rely on marketing to earn the profit.

Businesses all across the globe are suffering and wondering how to increase revenue and profit, how to win new customers and retain them and if you're a business owner with limited information and knowledge about it, fret not because this article will educate you on ways to get more profitable.

Marketing On Social Media

It is reported that 39% of all social media users polled that they were spending even more time on social media. That's to be expected because people are living remotely and working from home, right? All aspiring and ambitious businesses should look towards social media to make a profit out of this sudden stream of new users and more use.

It does not have to be content creation, and it can be customer service that aids your customers to potential customers into selecting your product and then sticking with your product because of how reliable and available you are. Most businesses have ramped up their digital marketing prospects by a whopping 70%, and it's working; people sit at home and are enticed by these products.

What A Customer Appreciates

According to a study done by a critically acclaimed think tank, around 80% of customers appreciate businesses that go to an extra length to give them prompt and apposite information during the Coronavirus pandemic. Tell your consumers how your business has been effected and what measures are being taken to help you guys still produce goods of the same quality; tell them how the service will not be inconvenienced, and it'll be of the same level. Let them know you're a tweet or an email away and that you care.

The younger generation doesn't only want to know about how you're managing the business during Pandemic; they expect businesses to actively help with it. Let your consumers know you're allowing your workers to work from home, and you're helping fight the spread.

Ads on Facebook and Google

Advertising your product is important as well, isn't it? After all, you're taking all these measures so you can increase revenue and profit and get new customers. If people spend more time on social media, they're also browsing Facebook whenever they get a break from work or studies; what's a better way to get your product in their head than run ads on Facebook?

Facebook ads are quite affordable even for up-and-coming small businesses. You can reach people based on their gender, age, marital status, a profession so on and so forth. You can set it to your target demographic and sit back as your impressions go up because people see the ads, and guess what? They're suddenly interested.

Offer Discounts And Deals

Do you know what people love? Discounts! So many people end up buying something they don't even want, but it has a good deal on it, and they just can not resist themselves. You can announce these deals and discounts on your social media pages or even send emails about them, these offers specialise in bringing in new customers, but they also retain old customers who are intrigued by the idea of coming back.