Is PPC Advertising still powerful in 2021?

Many business owners want to know if PPC advertising can help them get more customers in 2021. There are many updates in top advertising programs like Google Ads and changes in the competition because of COVID-19. So, is PPC advertising still powerful in 2021? 

The answer is yes for the reasons you will read below:

Less Competition Than The Previous Years

You probably don't expect to read that there is less competition in 2021. However, the pandemic has discouraged many local businesses from placing ads, so you can reach your audience at a lower price.

Google Ads also allows us to set different ad types. For example, there are search ads, video ads, app ads, display ads, etc. All these options create more opportunities for those who are willing to test them. Many of your competitors will limit themselves on the search and display ads. These types of ads look more familiar for many small business owners.

Quick Entry

Quick entry is still a big advantage of PPC advertising compared to other digital marketing methods like SEO. Even if some competitors have run PPC ads for years, you can claim your share in the market right now. You can create a campaign today and then do some optimisation.

Another benefit compared to the slow and organic marketing methods is that you can influence people who don't know your brand. Methods like email marketing and social media can reach people that already follow you.

You regulate Your Results

PPC advertising programs allow you to control every part of your campaigns. You can set a particular budget, choose the ad placements, and target demographics. 

If you want to set a maximum cost per click or cost per conversion, you can set them from the relevant options. When your ads get high-grade results, you can scale up. On the other hand, you can stop or modify the ads that don't get good results.

Targeting Options

PPC advertising presents more options for targeting in 2021 because advertising programs have more data and operate on multiple platforms. Google Ads allow you to reach people on YouTube, apps, and websites. Facebook allows you to advertise on two separate platforms.

You can also use retargeting ads to take advantage of the traffic from other sources. For example, you can retarget people that have visited your site before through SEO and social media.

PPC Is Measurable

Advertising programs provide many metrics that help you to understand your performance. You can get data about the impressions, clicks, and the cost of the ads. If you want more metrics, you can use additional tools to track your target audience's actions. When you measure your campaigns, you always know if they work for you. 


PPC advertising is still good in 2021 for businesses that want to get more customers. You can take advantage of the lack of competition and reach your ideal customers at low prices. You don't have to wait for months to reach your customers because anyone can create a campaign today.