Explode Your Conversion Rate

It's All About Building Trust

Sometimes the one thing standing in the way of getting a new customer is trust.

We know you can talk about how great your products or services are in person or on your website, however your clients will always be doubtful if you are the one saying it.

Today I'm going to talk about some lesser-known ways to utilise social proof to your advantage. When used correctly, we have seen conversion rates increase by over three times. So keep reading and watch your conversion rate explode.

... Oh by the way, no it's not just using testimonials ;)

Now let's supercharge your strategy, so you can make more money.

Social Proof

Before we start if you don't know what social proof is let me tell you. Social proof is the idea that people will act differently based on seeing what other people are doing. As you can imagine, there are many ways to benefit from this.

Reviews and Testimonials

Let's start with the easiest one first. It has been seen that reviews and testimonials are 12x more trusted than descriptions and sales copies directly from the brand itself.

That one's easy to understand, your customers want to hear from people just like them.

So let's give them what they need and want so that they can feel comfortable when making the yes decision with you.

Let's look at some more stats:

  • 92% - of people will trust a recommendation from a peer.
  • 70% - of people will trust a recommendation from someone and they don't even know.

Think about who you can ask to increase the number of testimonials you have and if you have the ability try to get at least one video testimonial.

Also with every testimonial try to include a picture of the reviewer, along with a star rating. It will increase authenticity whilst helping the reader quickly analyse whether or not it is a good review without actually reading the full review.

Something to remember - people usually check 2 to 3 review sites before making a decision. This means that you should not put all your eggs in one basket with your reviews. Try to get them on as many platforms as possible (yelp, google review, Facebook etc).

Okay now like I promised, let's move onto the lesser-known Ways.

User Generated Content

Let's explain what we mean when we say user generated content. If there is any point in time where a customer may come in contact with your office, shop, product, service or even yourself. There is possibly an opportunity for you to generate some high value content.

To help you understand I have put a few examples below.

a. Product Photo
a. Product Photo
b. Clients in the action
b. Clients in the action

You can encourage people to take these pictures themselves and then tagging your business by advertising promotions or giveaways.

You can then feature that content on your website or social media.

There are many ways that you can make this work and I hope you got inspiration from the examples.

Put your own spin on this strategy and don't be afraid to get very creative.

(Micro) Influencer Marketing

As we've already seen people can be influenced through what other people do. Now let's understand how they are influenced from the hugely popular and growing market of social media influencers.

40% of people say that they have purchased a product online after seeing it used by an influencer on social media.

It is also seen that influences earn 10 times more engagement than if it was posted from the brand itself - so basically if you get an influencer to say that it, it is 10 times more likely the message will actually be heard.

Influencer marketing is also extremely profitable. It is normal for businesses to usually get 6.5x back what they spend even sometime reaching over 20x.

The reason why you see such crazy Return On Investment (ROI) is because most influencers don't know what they are worth yet as it is still somewhat of a new space.

Case Studies

Now these are a lot more formal than your regular testimonial. They're used to provide a higher level of testimonial and are often considered more reputable.

This is a powerful solution to use depending on what you offer. It gives you the ability to tell more of a story whilst also highlighting the clients before and after moments.

This could include things like how much money the client made or saved, how the business grew to achieve their goals or in some cases over achieve them.

If you know your target customer well, you will be able to write a powerful case study that speaks directly to them, answering their questions, putting their worries to bed and most importantly building as solid foundation of trust.

That's it...

Thank you for sticking with me until the end, I hope through implementing the strategies you see significant increase in your conversion rates throughout your whole business.

Credits to Wes McDowell for the inspiration behind this article.

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