Content Marketing

Leading customers to your website through engaging content

Website content is a major way for any business to attract the perfect type of audience and turn them into paying customers.

Reach your target audience with the right message at the right time

Videos, GIFs, articles, infographics and all other myriad forms of digitally digested information – it all boils down to content. Our team of experienced writers and editors have been working with brands for years, adapting to each individual style and tone of voice. We’re here to help with anything from ongoing content creation, to social media management, to writing your newsletters. If you’re not sure about whether your brief fits our expertise, get in touch and we’ll let you know.

Content Marketing

When creating web content, keywords and competitor research are the MVP.

It’s vital to know what kinds of keywords and phrases users are searching for in your industry, and how frequently. It’s also essential to know what your competitors are writing, and how we can do better than the content that’s already out there. If a competitor’s piece of content covers A, B and C, we want to cover A, B, C and D.We can help you to put together a content calendar based on this research, giving you the best chance of producing content that’s relevant, engaging and that offers something new. Not to mention that grabs you those all important SERP rankings!

The next stage of the process is actually creating the content, which you can leave in our capable hands.

We recognise that every brand has an individual tone of voice and we’re well-practised in adapting our writing, having worked with brands as diverse as, Nivea and Suzuki. Each needs a keen eye and a unique approach – we can provide both in abundance.We take care to optimise on-page elements (page titles, header tags, alt text etc) to make content as likely as possible to rank in the SERPs for a desired keyword. And of course you can trust us to know when keyword insertion becomes keyword stuffing – this is a cardinal sin in today’s SEO world, where user experience is king!

Are you struggling to pinpoint your brand’s tone of voice and connect to your audience on a meaningful level?

We can help by putting together a comprehensive set of content guidelines, designed to bring your brand to life at all stages of the customer journey.It’s also the key to making sure there’s consistency across all your communications – this helps users to know that they can trust your brand From punctuation to contractions, many facets of writing pull together to create a tone of voice that your customers come to know and love. Not looking for us to do your content on a long term basis? We can do this for you as a one off, for your team to use at your leisure.

We’re here to help you fast track your PR strategy into the digital age!

The aim of Digital PR is twofold: to create interesting and engaging content to improve your brand’s awareness and perception, and to build your website’s backlink profile with the aim of heightened visibility in the SERPs, and ultimately more traffic to your website. Sounds like a no brainer, right?Digital PR is a tough art, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve run dozens of successful link building campaigns, covering everything from competitions, to data-led pieces, to industry white papers. Our web design team is on hand to help create snazzy infographics to illustrate data or top tips to!We’re always happy to collaborate with a wider team, whether that’s your in-house PR people or an external agency. Just let us know what kind of role you’d like us to play and we’ll take it from there.

Case Study

Higher profits for an insurance Company

We worked with a client to consult on their content strategy, guiding them them to use content to improve conversion rate.


Improvement in conversion rate
Case Study

Higher profits for an insurance Company

We create interesting blog content based on search data and current trends, helping to increase site engagement and rankings


Increase in site engagement
Case Study

Higher profits for an insurance Company

We used search trends and user behaviour to create new content around important topics to improve site engagement and rankings


Improvement in site ranking


We use the best tools to help us plan and create content that works for your brand


Google Keyword Planner

This free tool is most commonly used for paid search, but we can also use it to get an idea of the search volume behind keywords we want to write content about. It can also help us to gather new keywords or phrases we hadn’t considered.



AHrefs’ keywords explorer does a similar job to Google Keyword Planner, but it’s better adapted to organic keyword research. Its “keyword difficulty” metric estimates how many websites you’ll need backlinks from to rank in the top 10 for a keyword. We can also see which websites are currently ranking for a keyword and how this has changed over time.


Answer the public

A fun tool which allows us to input a keyword and then spits out a huge range of questions and other search terms containing that keyword. You can click on any of the results to be taken through to the SERP for that keyword or question.



Buzzsumo offers insight into what type of content is currently trending. Simply type in a keyword and you’ll see the top content about that keyword across a given period of time, by social engagement and backlinks.



We have an existing relationship with YouGov, the market research company, and have worked with them in the past to create watertight surveys for data-led link building campaigns.


Google Trends

What better place is there to spot market trends than the largest and most used search engine in the world.

Testimonials from our clients

The wonderful words from our clients that make us highly rated on Google.

Bradley at Wyzard has truly gone above and beyond in terms of customer service and delivery of the service. His enthusiasm for business growth and understanding of the paradigm of a successful business is remarkable. Bradley has taken great time to understand our business and our market. We’re very happy with the service and would highly recommended Bradley and Wyzard.

Christopher Kerry
Managing Director
5.0 from 5.0

I have known Brad for the last 6 months, and within this time I have found Brad to be knowledgeable, hard working and passionate about the services he provides for his clients. Brad is a young entrepreneur who demonstrates a willingness to learn and improve on a daily basis. He has great values and his commitment to anyone who wants to work with him is first class in every sense.

Ryan Crawford
Managing Director
5.0 from 5.0

The team at Wyzard Growth have been great at helping our company launch our website. Jack and Brad have taken us through the process at a pace that suited our company, capturing our initial thoughts and helping to shape these into a smart, professional, effective plan...We are now live with a website that we love and the feedback has all been positive - Thank you

Rhys Mitchell
Managing Director
5.0 from 5.0

As an SME with limited experience or time to dedicate to our website / online growth strategy, both Jack and Brad at Wyzard have been fantastic in offering us advice and guidance. We haven't been in a position to invest huge sums in their services yet but the work they have completed for us and the development plan they've put together has been fantastic and yielded exactly the results we set out to achieve. We will be continuing to work with Wyzard as we grow. Thanks to the team for their time and energy in coaching us through what will work for us as a business.

Samuel Fitz-Hugh
UK Director
5.0 from 5.0

We contacted Wyzard to assist with rebranding our higher education institution. Initially, all we wanted from them was a new name and logo, but we were so impressed with the service they provided that we chose to continue further, retaining them to develop our website and produce in-house documents for the college.

Hirpo Kumbi
5.0 from 5.0

WYZARD GROWTH IS AMAZING !! They have developed an interactive, trendy, good quality website for myself and my business partner. It has been a pleasure working with these guys. They are very professional and really go above and beyond to make your vision become reality. We absolutely love our website thanks to these guys and very excited to continue working with Wyzard Growth and developing our website. Altha-Revive

Jasmine Paris
Marketing Director
5.0 from 5.0

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